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Your Trusted Teeth Whitening Clinic in Strathmore

Teeth stains are common. They can be due to ageing, wine, coffee, food or smoking but most people experience tooth discolouration at some point. Fortunately, you don't have to live with stained teeth. Our teeth whitening kits in Strathmore can help you get rid of tooth stains and achieve a brighter smile. What’s more, these are take-home tooth whitening kits that can be used at your own convenience! So, if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your stained teeth, you should schedule an appointment with us.


Our Whitening Products

You can achieve the look of a brighter smile with our at-home whitening solution that’s comprised of professional-grade bleach and trays. We use Pola Day, Pola Night and Spadent to provide effective whitening solutions to our patients. Pola Day and Pola Night contain bleach that is effective in whitening the tooth surface. It is also very safe and convenient to use. The whitening effect can be achieved in a mere 15 to 30 minutes a day with these products and they can be used as per your convenience.


Have Questions?

We have tried to answer some of the common queries about dental care in our FAQs.

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