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 Orthodontics now available in Strathmore


We are proud to share that Orthodontic services are now available by appointment only and

must be scheduled by contacting the Authentic Orthodontics office at 403-523-9101

Orthodontic Treatment & Care in strathmore

We are excited to be able to offer full Orthodontic Treatment options with a collaboration with Authentic Orthodontics. The partnership comes with a much needed demand we saw in Strathmore and we know this will be such a convinient option for so many families. Authentic Orthodontics brings Dr.Michael French as well as Dr. Michael Olsen to the office by appointment only and on-site inside Valley Dental Centre. With their personable approach and exceptional service model, we knew they would fit right in. Currently Authentic Orthodontics has offices in Calgary and Okotoks.

Meet our Ortho specialists:


Dr. Michael French

Dr. Michael French was born and raised in Cardston, southern Alberta. In 2003, he completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Indiana University, following which he was accepted into the Indiana University Graduate Orthodontics program, where he completed a Masters thesis and 2 years of orthodontic specialty training. Dr. French is a registered Specialist in Orthodontics and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.


Dr. Michael Olsen

Dr. Michael Olsen was born in southern Alberta but was raised mostly in Kelowna, British Columbia. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2011 from West Virginia University and was then accepted to the University of Missouri-Kansas City Graduate Orthodontics program. While there, he completed both a Masters thesis and 2 ½ years of orthodontic specialty education. Dr. Olsen is a registered Specialist in Orthodontics and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada examination for dental specialists.

Orthodontics - What To Expect 

When you arrive for your orthodontic appointment, you will firstly be checked in with the patient input form, which our staff will help you to fill out. Following this, you will be assisted in a series of complementary diagnostic records, including photographs and X-Ray, if required. Before your exam begins, our treatment coordinators will assist you with any details or questions you may have prior to your orthodontic exam, before being introduced to our doctors. 


Dr. French and Dr. Olsen will then review your medical and dental history, photographs, X-Rays and complete your orthodontic exam, discussing their findings with you and presenting you with the best treatment options. Finally, our coordinators will help to assess your treatment costs, and if applicable, send the treatment plan to an insurance provider.

Treatment Options

The promise of a beautiful smile brings scores of people into our Orthodontic treatment program, and with our safe treatment options, your smile is in good hands!


Dr. French and Dr. Olsen are experienced in helping patients achieve winning smiles. The scope of treatment can include anything from braces or Invisalign, to even out your teeth shape, to bite correction and expanders for proper alignment and comfort in chewing.


Orthodontic treatment is more effective the sooner it is done, so younger children can benefit through their lifetime, as their teeth are more easy to work with, rather than an adult, who’s teeth may have been set in their ways. Don’t ignore telling signs for orthodontic treatment in children, which may include the following:

Difficulty in chewing foods

Crowded, misplaced or blocked-out teeth

Receding or forward jaws

Too early or too late loss of baby teeth

Open mouth breathing

These signs may be telling you to look into orthodontic treatment for the younger members in your family. 

We take a look at the best options for effective orthodontic treatment below:

Traditional Metal Braces

Straighten your teeth with long lasting results! When you think of braces, the first response are the traditional metal braces that have been in use for decades. These are long lasting braces that are easily slipped in or out of your mouth, as they have been designed for each individual’s mouth by the dentist.

Our metal braces use a slide mechanism, which attaches the wires to brackets, seamlessly moving along with the movements of your jaw and mouth, as your teeth align. These are a great choice for both children and adults and will help to bring out confident and long lasting smiles.

Clear Braces

If you think metal braces are too invasive or distracting, then stain-resistant, clear braces may be just the thing you’re looking for. Also known as ceramic braces, our range of clear tooth-coloured brackets make for a popular alternative to traditional metal braces, to offer you a less noticeable, more natural and clean look.   

After getting your own set of clear braces, which will be designed specifically for your mouth, you may be required to do follow-up appointments, to tighten the wires of your braces. This ensures that your teeth and your smile continue to shape in the right direction.


Enjoy 3D computer modelled Invisalign technology braces, for clear and comfortable teeth aligners that are practically invisible! Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic teeth alignment system, which is removable and replaceable and uses clear plastic aligners, to move your teeth into shape. Invisalign braces are easy to use, and are comfortable for both young teens and adults.

When you visit us for Invisalign teeth alignment, one of our staff will scan your mouth using a digital intraoral scanner, to create a replica of your mouth’s shape. This information is used to create a 3D model of your teeth without the need of traditional paste for getting teeth impressions. Soon your Invisalign alignment sets are ready to correct common teeth problems like crowding, gaps, misalignment and any other orthodontic issues.

Bite Correction

Issues like bite correction are best tackled at a younger age, when your teeth are more elastic and prone to being bent into the right shape. Bite correction is necessary when your teeth alignment is a problem, causing undue discomfort on a daily basis. Depending upon the severity of your problem, there are a variety of appliances to choose from for bite corrections, including:

Power Scope – Power Scope is a fixed appliance for correcting malocclusion (overbite) when the upper teeth are more outward than the lower ones, causing a misaligned bite. Power scope is a device fixed into your mouth which gently asserts force to correct and tame your overbite issue.

Carriere® Distalizer Appliance – Traditionally used at the beginning of a treatment to distalize your posterior teeth, this appliance gently moves your teeth into the shape of things to come.  

Herbst® – Typically used in conjunction with braces, the Herbst helps to move the lower jaw in a forward direction, aligning your lower jaw with the upper, for an ideal bite.


A palatal expander is one of the most common orthodontic treatment tools, used for children and effective for eliminating crowding and crossbite. The process works by attaching an expander to the upper molars by bands that are cemented around the teeth. It is common to feel the pressure of the expander as it is applied, to the teeth, the roof of the mouth, or even between the eyes. It is important to remember that this is a safe practice and the pressure soon disappears as the expander is activated. Getting used to your expander may take a few days, during which it is better to stay away from hard or sticky foods. You may notice the expander creating some temporary space inside your teeth but that is normal as the expansion progresses.

Beautiful Smiles Are Our Forte

Enquire about the various Orthodontic treatments available at our Authentic Orthodontics office.

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