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Immediate Dentures In Strathmore

Valley Dental Clinic provides immediate dentures for patients in Strathmore. An immediate denture is placed in your mouth right after surgery so you don’t remain toothless. After the extraction of your natural tooth, we will provide you with liners and adjustments when the gums heal. These dentures help your gums to take shape and act as a protective layer like a bandage. If you are looking to get properly fitted dentures by experienced professionals, reach out to us. We have been offering top-grade dentures to meet the needs of Strathmore patients for a long time and look forward to offering our services to you.

Immediate Denture Benefits

Here are some of the reasons why you should go for immediate dentures:

Immediate set of teeth
As suggested by the name, these dentures will be an immediate substitute to your natural teeth so that you don’t feel embarrassed to head out to public places.
Help in healing
Immediate dentures reduce bleeding after the surgery and act as a protective layer over the oral tissue which promotes healing.
Aid speaking
With the placement of these dentures right after the surgery, you will get used to their presence in your mouth, which will give you enough time to set up your speaking habits.
Easy replication of natural teeth
Your natural set of teeth can be mimicked more aptly with respect to their size, form and arrangement when some teeth remain in your mouth.

Reach Out to Us

Whether you are looking for a partial, complete or immediate denture - we can help.

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