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Quality Family Dentistry Services in Strathmore

Valley Dental Clinic is committed to providing quality family dentistry services in Strathmore. We offer you comprehensive solutions for all your oral health needs. We believe in the importance of listening to our patients; we take the time to understand your needs, goals, and lifestyle. It is only after understanding your objectives that we provide any solutions to improve your health. Visit us to make your smile brighter and better. It is important to introduce children to the dental offices when they are just 1 year old to make them more comfortable and to help them get used to the office and procedure.

All our dentists and staff believe in the importance of preventative care. We focus on providing you with good oral health so that you can enjoy a full and healthy life, free from oral pain. We strive to achieve this by educating our patients on what they can do to stay healthy at home. Visit us for a dental check-up in Strathmore for more such tips on healthy living.

Healthy Oral Habits

We advise you to brush and floss your teeth throughout the day. Instead of waiting for bedtime to brush your teeth, you can carry a small toothbrush to use after meals and snacks. This will help you remove sugar and bacteria from your teeth and gums before it has the opportunity to turn into acid and attack your teeth. This preventative step can greatly reduce your risk of getting a cavity or gum disease. At Valley Dental Clinic, we understand the importance of educating our patients so that they can stay healthy. 

We also understand the difficulty parents go through while educating their children about oral hygiene. It is important to teach kids about oral hygiene at an early stage in order to help them stay protected from tooth damage later. We can also help you with the following for your children:

Space maintainers
To ensure that your child’s permanent teeth erupt uniformly aligned and aesthetically more pleasing.
Thumb-sucking prevention
Thumb-sucking can lead to complications if not stopped at the right time. We can assist your kid in getting rid of this unhealthy habit.

Smile Brighter Every Day

A beautiful smile gives you the confidence to interact well with people and enjoy life better.

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